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Become an owner or part owner of your own lodge in Mozambique

Acquire property in Mozambique and become an owner or part owner of your own lodge. We will do it all. You will be amazed how easy and cheap it is to convert to our currency. Own a lodge on the beach in front of one of the 10 best dive spots in the world for less than a small house in Europe or part own for less than a vehicle. 

At present, land and development in Mozambique is greater than that of all other Southern Africa countries and the laws are changing on a monthly basis to encourage tourism and investment We only use lawyers that have current knowledge of Mozambican laws. There is a lot of hearsay about developing lodges and holiday homes in Mozambique but those whom have looked into the matter and got the latest correct information realize it is a secure investment and that is why so many major hotel groups and investors have made such huge investments in Mozambique.

Own Construction to your specific design

Great news for potential single chalet owners  - at Coconut Bay Casa De Cocos lodge - villa and cabanas.

Options available for in house finance.

This is our suggested option
Please contact us if you would like to offer another option
Deposit of R 20 000 and then R20 000 x 11 Months.
Contracts signed to LTD Registered company of all shareholders.
Purchaser or Purchasers of the stand for the property to be built on including GPS points.
Payment of R 20 000 x 12 months or ( R 5000 X 4 people will work out 3 months holiday each) per 12 months
You can choose these options as above for R 240 000 per stand.

On start of construction

Ownership of residence to be done.
Finance for building materials available on request.
Site builders can quote to build as per request
No time limit on start of building process

Finance support

Funds for stand must be 50 % paid prior to building .
A optional levy of R 800 per month for security and maintenance once property built.
Only 3 stands left to be done on this very affordable option.

Plans as approved for Lodge (Minor adjustments may be made)
Max of four owners per stand per building
We have other existing lodges and have a marketing office and strategies for rentals.
We do all rentals on a 50 / 50 split if required
Minimum guarantee of R 800 per night rental to yourselves if rented

Existing Lodges for sale

in pamphlet format to be able to save